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Love & Dharma offers a variety of fun wellness tools for your workplace. Too often employers and employees spend their days running around, chasing deadlines, constantly stressed, and maybe even hating their jobs, which can lead to complete burn out. What most people don’t know is that mindfulness actually can increase creativity, productivity, and enjoyment. Who doesn’t want to get more time in your day, stay clear-headed, have more focus and enjoy working?
Sounds too good to be true? We have seen the proof that self-awareness, inner peace, and mindfulness brings harmony to the workplace.

Who is feeling stressed out, maybe you are not connecting with your coworkers, your managers, and the leadership? When was the last time you had a break together and took a few minutes to not focus on work?

The answer many times is that you don't have time, but research shows that disconnecting from your job duties for a little bit will increase productivity, creativity and all-around morale!

Who does not want that?

Who doe

Contact us at linda@ldwellness to schedule a (free) consultation if we can help your company or your workplace to bring some fun and peace.

Perfect for team building or other corporate events!

Special customized programs for YOUR business, including:

  • Yoga - movement to increase energy

  • Mindfulness/meditation - easy guided meditations and discussion about mindfulness in your daily life

  • Breathwork  - we go over different breathing techniques that will help you slow down your nervous system when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed

  • Laughing meditation - this is a great way to increase endorphins

  • Sound healing

  • Other healing techniques 

Contact us today - we promise to bring fun to your workplace!

San Francisco, CA, USA

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