Intuitive Healing Session to repair and activate your personal code includes: Light Symbol Activation and Light Language /Earth Medicine**/Crystal healing/Reiki/Sound Healing 

(Receive your session remotely, from any City, State, or Country)

Each session is unique for you. 

**Earth Medicine can include: essential oils & shamanic practices


- Animal Reiki 

- DoTERRA Advocate - Essential oils

- Transformational  Guidance/Coaching

- Empowerment Tools: Get in touch with your inner wise-woman/man!

- Tantric Exercises - Liberate yourself, awaken the sensual fire 


- Clear your space of negative energy

- Corporate Parties, and other events (Contact for bookings)

- Guided Meditations
- Mindfulness in your daily life

Contact for pricing.

San Francisco, CA, USA

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