How I embrace peace instead of chaos? Tips during this time!!

Updated: May 14, 2020

Let's face it, the world is upside down and things might feel shitty. So let's honor our emotions and talk about what we can do during times like these!

First of all, I want to send you love, because we all need it right now.

We all feel the uneasy time right now. People are hoarding up, stuck in fear mode, almost in freeze mode.

When fear kicks in we can easily get paralyzes. We don’t’ know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

I get it, it’s an uneasy, scary time.

But I want to remind you that fear feeds more fear. Fear is like a disease, feeding off fear.

We are being called to try and remember what matters in life.

Yes, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow - but also this shows that we never really know what tomorrow will bring.

We only think we know, when truly all we really have is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Yes, we can get stuck in the fear of worrying about tomorrow, how we will pay rent, how the world will end up (there are many right now that are struggling - we pray for the ones in need every day).

We can hoard, and we can be angry, we can be rude to people on the street because we are so stuck in our own minds.

Or we can lean into love. We can take this time to get things done that we have been holding off, we can call the people we haven’t talked to in a while. We can go for a walk, even if we need to stay away from other people, we can still be in nature.

We can decide to get drunk and binge watch Netflix, or we can use this time wisely. We can look over what we think is important in our lives. We can organize our closets.

We are allowed to take time to just be, take more naps. Yes, you can also choose to get drunk and watch Netflix, nothing wrong with that. But choose that on some days, then make it a priority to choose YOU and your life.

Yes, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

But we can choose what we put our energy towards, we can choose to stare at the news and be more scared. Or we can lean into love.

Place your hand on your heart and take 6 deep breaths. Just be in the moment.

Check-in on friends that are alone during this time, not everyone will ask for help, But notice how you can show up for them, even if it’s just with a call.

Most will not ask for help, and most might not even want to talk about how afraid they are. Or that’s all they do, maybe you are one of the people that call all of your friends with fear-based conversations. That’s ok too, but maybe try and see how the conversations can also be out of love.

This is a time of choice. We choose what we want to focus on.

Some ideas you can do during this time, and what we decide to focus on during this time:

  • Call people in your life and tell them you love them. Maybe now is the time to ask for forgiveness or call that old friend you have been meaning to call. “Put down the swords”, it’s time for peace.

  • Random act of kindness. I smile at others when I see them and I say “thank you” to everyone that works in the grocery store. I also pray for the healthcare worker, and all the ones that are delivering food and items across the globe right now. In the midst of chaos, it’s interesting to see how many people forget to still show compassion. I encourage you to smile, even when it feels hard. That smile might be the only smile that other people get all week, that smile might change their day.

  • Move your body, if you can’t go to the gym go online and find a youtube video for a 10-20 minute home workout. Just to allow your beautiful body to move. When we sit down too much and spend so much time inside our bodies can become sluggish and we can become depressed just by holding on to all of the stuck energy in our bodies. All you need is to shake your whole body for 10 seconds!

  • Nourish your body! Yes, it’s easy to want to go for all the chips, and snacks. But this time also encourages us to prioritize our health. No need for a diet, but find fun ways to try new healthy recipes. There are so many delicious ones on Pinterest! My new obsession is gluten-free and sugar-free banana bread (only natural sugar from the bananas).

  • Rest. Take naps if needed

  • Structure. It’s easy to get off track so we suggest adding some structure to your day. And set aside time to have some fun. Home dance parties are encouraged!

  • Be creative! No need to try and create something big that will change the world (if you don’t want to), just be creative for yourself. Maybe paint with your children, or schedule a creative virtual date with your friends.

  • Virtual brunch/dinner/lunch! CAn’t go out to see your friends, schedule a virtual friends date!

  • And of course, wash your hands.

  • Be grateful. Many people around the world live in these conditions EVERY day of their lives, so it's a time when we all get to experience what others go through daily. So remember to be grateful for what you have. Even that you are able to read this email right now.

2020 is reminding us about simplicity - CLEANLINESS, WELLBEING & COMMUNITY

I live in San Francisco and we are on “shelter in place” which means that we can only go out for the necessary stuff, or if we go out we need to be 6 ft away from others.

We have made a little home gym in our storage room, and we take our dog out for walks. My husband and I try new recipes, and we continue to send love to the world and always tell each other how grateful we are for each other.

It’s important to support each other during this time and it’s OK to be scared.

It's time we honor our emotions!

We are all in this together

The world will have to be built back up and we will need to do it together.

So let’s hold each other’s hand through this, even though it's only virtual.

I am sending you so much love and healing vibes and abundance your way!

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