Energy Healing and why it could benefit you?

Updated: May 15, 2020

Have you ever gone into a room after someone has argued? You can feel the heaviness of the room, without anyone saying anything, you just know that an argument just happened. What happens with this stuffiness, this anger? Do the energy stay in the room? Have you ever felt out of place somewhere, almost uncomfortable because of the energy in the house? Or does negative people affect you, do you feel drained and upset just by being around someone that is angry?

All of these questions makes most people say yes. Your negative coworker can affect your day, a child crying makes you sad. When someone smiles at you, or you hear someone laughing hysterically - can you help yourself and not smile?

I believe the answer is yes.

Being around people that are laughing and that are happy can lift you up, vs being around people that always complains makes you complain. It’s almost impossible to not get affected by the people around you.

What does this have to do with energy healing? Well everything. We are energy, everything is energy.

“We are energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes form. Einstein realized that. When seen out of context, a cloud in thy sky could just as easily be a wave in the sand. Perceptual experience is choice. Can you open your mind to the infinite possibilities?”

~D. L. Robinson

Emotions are energy in motion. Read that again, E-Motions are Energy in Motion.

All of these emotions and feelings we feel, all of the emotions and feelings we don’t feel. It all goes though our body, and it stays in our bodies.

Scientists have shown that these energies get stuck, it creates an imbalance in our bodies. We can start getting headaches, constant feeling of being tired, anxiety, all of this will lead to dis-EASE. Energy can no longer flow like it should through or bodies. We call it disease, we go to our doctor and they might give us sleeping pills, antidepressant etc.

Doctors are amazing, and they will save your life when you might need it. But sometimes your regular doctor don’t go to the root of the problem, they only give you a bandage to cover up the symptom.

We live in a society where we grow up not feeling our feelings, we are trained to always be happy. Girls should smile more, boys should be tough. We are thought that certain feelings are good and certain feelings are bad. We tell our children to be happy, stop being sad. We even train our dogs to be a good boy/girl, and when they are not they are “bad”.

Growing up and feeling overwhelmed with school and work, causes stress. The constant chase of having to do things, keep up with grades of make deadlines.

It’s hard to stop and actually just feel, to feel the pain, feel sadness, maybe even to stop and be grateful. Negative patterns can have been brought down from generations, we all come into this world like a blank canvas. Then we get programmed by genetics, social and cultural aspects.

So again what does energy healing have to do with of this emotions and feelings-talk?

See it has a tool to clean your body of stuck energy, and feelings that you have not released. It’s like spring cleaning your closet or your house! That feeling of getting rid of old things that no longer serves you, to make room for new things! Yes, that feeling. Imagine cleaning your body of old junk, old stuck negative emotions? Do you think you would feel lighter?

When your body can release trauma, something incredible can happen, we can finally be free of our past, if we allow ourselves to "do the work".

Maybe it’s time to do a spring cleaning in your body? I have to warn you though, releasing energy is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes you can start crying for no reason, you can feel angry for nothing. But it’s all part of the process, once you have released that energy you can actually move on from things. It will most likely change your life in one way or the other!

If you are interested in energy healing and how it could benefit you, feel free to contact me! You do not have to believe in anything, you don’t even need to believe that it will work. Leave that up to me to show you that by releasing stuck emotions might be the best self-care you could do for yourself. See it as emotion therapy!

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