Happy Friday 13th and Happy Full Moon!

Updated: May 15, 2020

Are you ready for some magic? Well, things are shifting in the universe and we are up for some major shifts, are you ready to release so you can step into your true power? YES!

Are you ready for some magic? Well, things are shifting in the universe and we are up for some major shifts, are you ready to release so you can step into your true power? YES! Say after me "I am ready to release, I am ready to upgrade, I am ready to expand. I am releasing to bring in new, I am calling in abundance and unconditional LOVE!" Say this out loud and with purpose, repeat at least three times. This full moon is a Harvest Moon, and it's in the sign of Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac signs. Pisces is showing us to use our imagination, to connect with our intuition. Maybe you have been feeling a little loopy the last few days, and with the energy of Neptune and Jupiter things are feeling a little bit more intense. This is the end of a six-month cycle, so there might be a lot of things coming to an end right now in your life. It's easy to be caught up in fear around endings, we tend to stress about the unknown. Bur dear, new beginnings are coming and try and have faith that things have to end for new things to begin to come Spirit keeps on telling me every day "You have to close one door for the other to open". OK, I get it, therefore I will be making some big changes soon! This full moon is also gentle and shows us compassion (Harvest Moon), but it's still a full moon so it's time to shine a light on the things you want to release. I encourage you to be playful and use your imagination, this is a great time to go deep into meditation - it's a time where it's easier to connect to everything around us - even astral travel, I did it last night and it's always mind-blowing. Your dreams have probably been more vivid! If you are planning to start an art project, this a great time - have fun tapping into your imagination, because when we do we tend to also tap into our intuition. This full moon is another one that encourages us to show compassion - maybe your release will need to be focused on releasing judgment towards yourself and others? It's an intense time right now because of Neptune, things are being brought to the surface - may be old stuff. It's time to look at your shit and release it! We are entering the fall season, and the more we can shed before it, the easier it is to go inwards again. I highly recommend doing a release ritual every month, it's called a ritual for a reason. We have to keep on doing it over and over until we truly have released something, and don't judge yourself, sometimes it takes a lifetimes to release some things, but the more we focus on releasing it, the more we can accept it when it happens and release it right away - the more peace and harmony we can bring into our lives.

Full Moon Ritual: - Smudge your space - be thoughtful of what you burn, I have started to use less Palo Santo (to protect the sacred trees) and less sage (grow your own!). You can burn rosemary instead, or use a high-quality essential oil (I make my own sacred water spritz - if you are interested in learning how to make your own, let me know.) - Sit down with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths, feel your lungs expand. Focus on your heart chakra, imagine a big ball of light in front of your heart - as you breathe imagine the ball grow bigger and stronger. When you are ready, send this beautiful and strong ball of light into your heart and feel yourself expand. Then move on to sending this bright light out to the world - may be to someone you love, your whole family, and/or Mother Earth! - Write down things you want to release - old habits, toxic relationships..... It’s time to release attachments! Questions to think about: - What is holding you back from fully being present in your life? - What are you scared of? - What lack mindset is telling you that you can’t have it all? - What will it take for you to move beyond your limitations and to step into your full potential? Take that piece of paper and burn it (please use a fire-safe bowl and water next to you), watch it burn and feel the release. Once it’s done burning, fill your heart up with gratitude knowing that everything you have ever wanted is already here, right now. Put your hand on your heart, breathe and say "thank you". Thank your higher self, thank Mother Earth, thank the Moon, thank the Sun and thank the rest of the universe - and whoever else you feel called to thank. During the full moon it’s also a great time to charge your crystals! Smudge them and then place them outside under the moonlight! This will supercharge them! Just like yourself, they take on things that they need to release, just like we all have to charge our batteries they do too. The Moon is strong 3 days after, so you can do your ritual all the way to Sunday! Creating rituals around the different moon times will help you manifest ANYTHING! You have to keep going, you have to push through when it gets boring when it seems mundane - your dreams are not waiting for you, you have to take action. Magic happens on the other side of the hard, mundane and boring - do you trust me? Then let me guide you to find magic!

Additional tip: Full Moon cleansing bath: Take some Epsom salt, fresh flowers (roses have the highest vibration), and add an essential oil you like (suggestion rosemary, rose, lavender, bergamot) Make sure you get a good quality oil! Set an intention before getting in ex: " I honor the God/Goddess within me", " I am ready to release what no longer serves me", 'I am ready to heal my heart and soul"... You can invite a spirit if you like, animal spirits, Source, guardians, etc to be present. Remember you are more than you know, you are bigger than life! Love & blessings,


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