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Are you ready to remove your karmic patterns, repair and add the missing piece to your own personal

Yes, it's confusing, but it's related to our DNA and there is ways to change our lives by upgrading our DNA. The so called "junk DNA" in our bodies, is actually not junk DNA, it's sitting in our bodies waiting to get activated so we can connect to everything else, to God. We live our lives feeling like we are separate from everything, when in fact we are not. We are connected to everything around us, and everything is energy, frequency - we are energy. That is not woo-woo that is science, and recently there has been many researchers talking about DMT the so called "God molecule", that is in everything. The biggest increase of DMT happens when we are born and when we die, but it is also being released while we sleep. Why do i' mention this? Well light language and light symbols helps us activate the junk DNA and works with DMT, so we are literally being upgraded. It's a blessing to be a channeler of light language and light symbols.

These last eight years I have been studying different holistic healing modalities nonstop and I have expanded my mind immensely.

I have been getting constant downloads this year, and I have done a lot of past life work - Woah, such incredible insight!

I remember who I am and what I came here to do, I remember my mission - my purpose.

I remember many past lives.

This year I have also been taking more clients, and I am beyond grateful to be a guide on your journey (it’s a blessing and an honor).

The sessions keep on expanding and each session is different than the other because YOU are different!

Something I have been bringing in lately is Light Symbols and Light language - ancient symbols and language from other dimensions. Along with Reiki and sound healing, we take a deep dive in reactivating! Are you feeling the calling to know more about your purpose?

Channeled message about: What are light symbols and light language?

Light symbols and light language can activate and repair your personal code, and raise your frequency. It's the human coding, connected to our DNA, it extends beyond our bodies. This code and frequency are what connects us to everything else, our Earth, Source, time (past, present, and future), it connects us to everything that will be and to everything that has existed. This code can be restored and the missing link can be added so you can live life more fully.

I am also offering: Akashic record readings to discover past lives and heal karmic patterns. Soul Retrieval, cord-cutting, removal of entities and other shamanic practices - All of this so you can live fully present.

These different kinds of sessions complement each other and each session is tailor-made for YOU, depending on what you are going through and what your guides are guiding me to do.

We have to remember that we are worth it, and when we raise our frequency with money we continue to raise our own frequency and attract more money!

Spirit was clear and want me to open up the sessions to YOU all, no matter where you are right now financially.

Let’s rewrite your code - let’s deep dive into your souls, reactive your DNA 🧬, and reprogram your subconscious so you can expand your life.

The energy in the universe has shifted, our Mother Earth has shifted.

There is a paradigm shift and it’s time to wake up.

YOU are a miracle.

I can’t wait to see you and please know that I SEE YOU and I am honored to be your guide - no matter what you can offer in energy exchange.

Let’s expand your mind and your life!

Please visit my online calendar for some appointments - Feel free to request additional dates (day time appointments are available as well).


Love & Blessings, Linda


San Francisco, CA, USA

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