How to embrace being a beginner and learning something new

Updated: May 14, 2020

Isn't it terrifying to start something new? To look at others that already know this, and think "How am I suppose to be that good?". People forget to enjoy the beginning part of a journey of something new, we just want to "get it". Being new at work, and having to ask all those questions, getting to know a new person, when it's new it's easy to feel overwhelmed and then we do not know what to do. I have that feeling constantly, the imposter syndrome comes up. How can we move past it?

Yesterday was another evening of our Sacred Sisterhood Moon Workshops, a time to gather as women. To come together and create. To hold space for others is amazing, and at the same time terrifying. To put yourself out there, to start something new, to be a beginner at yet another thing. Every time I do any kind of teaching or public speaking, and there is a new audience that feeling shows up - Am I enough?

There is others that can do it better, there is others that knows more, there are other out there who are masters - Who am I to think that I can do this?

You know what, everyone started somewhere. I am not going to stop because I am nervous about performing, that's part of life. To be a beginner at something is terrifying, and doing something for the first time might seem impossible, but when we lower our expectations of thinking we will be masters from the beginning and just being proud for showing up. Something shifts.

So when you are thinking that you need to be at a certain place before starting whatever you have in mind, then think again. You will learn along the way, you will learn from your mistakes, you will learn from other peoples mistakes.You will learn from masters and other teachers, you will create you own thing from the lessons your learn. Read about How to Turn Failures Into Opportunities.

So yes, every time I hold space for others, when I help others on their healing journey - the imposter syndrome shows up. Who am I to tell others what they should do, who am I to teach people about this or that, who am I to say that I have visions that comes true?

That's just the Ego, your Inner Critic, that voice showing up that tells us that we can't. That we should just stop right now, just give up. But we have to move beyond that little voice.

Here are 5 things to think about when you are scared to start something new:

1. I acknowledge my fear. I see that Inner Critic (my Ego) as a grumpy friend that needs attention

2. Start before you are ready! Yes, you will not be ready to start something new, ever. Will you read about if before you try it, or watch another video? The best thing we can do is try, and fail and try again. Until we become masters at it. That's what the learning process is.

3. For each negative thought, write down three positive. Example, you are scared to start, but imagine how it would feel like to actually learn that thing?

4. Remember that everyone started from the beginning, EVERYONE.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others, because that is whats' stopping us. Our expectations that we will not be as good as someone else. But how will you know if you never try?

SIMPLE, but effective. We just have to stop and shift our mindset.

When I think "Well, who am I to give others advice, I am not perfect?" I remind myself that I don't need to be perfect to teach, to give advice, to coach....because no one is.

I help them find their way, and their truth. I teach others what I have learned so they then can implement that in their life, and then they can teach others, so they can pay if forward.

I don't know why and how I can see things in my dreams before they happen, but I do know that we are all connected. I know that we all can see more than we think we can, I know we all can do more than what we think we can.

I am just happy to be a person that dares to follow my dreams, even when it means learning something new, and that I get to hold space for other women (and men) and guide them to follow their dreams.

You will find things that I am not good at, (there are plenty!) you might feel like you know more then me (that is amazing! Please share all of you!), that is OK.

I embrace being a beginner now, it's exciting to learn something new. I now encourage YOU to go out there and learn something new, even when that little voice says otherwise.

Sending love to everyone that is scared of starting something new, it's terrifying. But no one become a master by doing something once, it takes practice and devotion.

So go out, and start somewhere!

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