Just a gratitude message from someone who use to be sleepwalking

Updated: May 14, 2020

I spent so many years not being fully in the moment, being hard on myself, just doing, living without a real purpose. Like I was sleep walking. Adding a gratitude practice have changed my life, it has raise my frequency and I am attracting positive people, money, and new opportunities. Things I never would have been able to attract while sleep walking, while my frequency was lower. I am awake.

On my birthday (June 25th) I took time for myself, just to be alone and to reflect. I got hit by by a rush of emotions, of love, pure love filling me up. I posted these words on Instagram:

Every year feels so magical, I am beyond grateful for every year of my life. All of the lessons I’ve been through, all the failures (I’ve fallen so many times on my butt that I can’t keep track of them) - but I never stopped trying! I’ve always pushed through any storm, any heartache, any pain, any humiliation. I persevered. I fought. I never gave up, and I will never give up. Life is so precious and so amazing. I have traveled around the world (every continent, expect for Antarctica), I moved to a different country (and I grew up in a small town with less then 7,000 people), I’ve had all kinds of jobs (from milking cows to Manager, from cashier to starting my own businesses....), I’ve lost everything, and I have received everything! Wow, and all the people I have met along the way during these 32 years! Every single one of them have been a teacher - Cheers to the mothers, the fathers, the players, the mean girls, the professors, to the children, to the ex’s, to brothers and sisters, to strangers, to everyone that has caused me pain and laughter. I am who I am because of my stories, but I no longer let those stories control my life. Life is not easy, and trust me things might seem perfect but I’ve had my fair share of BS and terrible pain (I wish no one would have to endure). I am so excited for what this year has in store, there is so many exciting things coming up! - I am grateful for everything. - I am free to be me! And I think it’s time for you to be free to be YOU!

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San Francisco, CA, USA

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