What is really normal? Why is it OK to judge others that are not like you?

Updated: May 14, 2020

Judgement is an interesting thing, we judge all day long, without even realizing it. We judge the way people look, what they like, how they talk, who they love, what they believe in. We judge based on our own perspective of what we think is right or wrong. Who decides what is normal? Why is it OK to judge certain things? Why is it OK to not want to be judge but then we go and judge others? We forget that whatever is "normal" for someone in the USA, is weird in India and vice versa.

People think I’m weird, or I get comments that what I do is weird. That it’s somehow weird to believe in something bigger then just what we see in front of us, to go to different seminars or read books to work on self-improvement, meditate, carry crystals around, and focus on self-care.

That change is weird, but staying the same is totally OK. That it’s weird to burn sage to clear the space of negativity, rather than just staying in a stuffy place. That is weird to rather walk away, and take a moment for yourself instead of saying something that might hurt someone.

That it’s weird to stop judging and talk about people behind their back, to actually stop people in the middle of their trash talk. That it’s weird to think that people shouldn’t say everything they think, I mean you don’t have to like my tattoos or my hair - but do you need to say it to my face?

That it’s weird to love others, and don’t want to fight all the time?

That it’s weird to get sick of the constant battle of always being right. Everyone see life from different perspective, who says which one is the right?

Working on yourself, admitting your faults, forgiving and asking for forgiveness, believing in a higher power and in myself is a lot of times thought as something “out there” (or like people say in Swedish “flummigt”).

Maybe next time you think that someone is to “out there” maybe you can stop and look at yourself. We all have our own journeys and scars, and working on self-improvement is not an easy decision, its sometimes terrifying, and a never ending process. Most days it’s OK to judge me, but you know what - I am also a human and I hurt just like you.

I constantly have to work to not judging people, I judge when people are small-minded and don't try and understand other peoples perspective. I judge in all kinds of way, bu I catch myself. Because I doesn't matter what small thing I judge you for, or if I judge you for judging me. That is still judgement.

How did you judge someone today? Can you go back and look at a judgement that came up? Do you feel like you have the right to judge that person?

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